A New Adventure Begins!

Today Shoutlet, the company I founded, announced my departure as CEO. The decision was mine and the timing was right. After spending several years running the company I felt that Shoutlet was starting to grow up without me.

Building a successful startup company is similar to parenting. Eventually it needs to live a life of its own and if you love it enough, you need to set it free. Just like a parent, I have an “empty nest” feeling stepping away even though I know it’s the best thing to do. Additionally, Shoutlet has such a strong management team in place that our growth is almost on cruise control. I’m very proud of what we built.

There are several people to thank for getting me to this point. First, I’d like to thank Shoutlet’s clients for believing in my dream early on. Many of you trusted me and stuck with us no matter what obstacles came our way. Several of you have become my lifelong friends, thank you.

Second, I’d like to thank all of the hard working employees that make Shoutlet what it is today. Your passion and enthusiasm for the product is what carries the company forward. I’m very proud of all of you.

Finally, I’m excited about my future plans. My favorite part of startups is the whiteboard phase. I love the smell of markers when new ideas are being born. Today, I find myself lucky enough to be there again. Check out my new venture and stay close for additional details.